Dharmesh is co-founder and Chief Technology and Operations Officer for edge IPK. At edge IPK Dharmesh leads product development and professional services. He champions thought leadership about the presentation layer (user interface) within SOA. This blog focuses on key areas of his thought leadership. 

Since 1996 Dharmesh has successfully pioneered some of the earliest online financial services solutions in the UK, including Multi-Channel Internet banking for The Co-operative Bank (internet, PDA and Kiosk) and Woolwich Open Plan Services (Internet, Call Centre and Mobile) plus Internet insurance sales for Eagle Star Direct.  At the same time, Dharmesh’s team has re-written the online rulebook in terms of achievable delivery times and pioneering solutions.


Dharmesh started his career at LloydsTSB and moved onto NatWest, developing leading edge IT solutions and providing business consulting.  He soon gained a reputation as a visionary, promoting radical ideas for how the banks could use technology to create new business models.  He promoted the idea of franchising (retail brands offering core banking services) many years ahead of its eventual adoption as a commonplace banking strategy as well as pioneering the concept of Single Customer View for LloydsTSB almost 20 years ago.


At LloydsTSB, Dharmesh worked with senior management on a business re-engineering project delivering solutions to provide significant business benefit. He then developed workflow expertise with specialist software vendor Centrefile. Dharmesh moved into NatWest Bank where he defined the technology strategy for NatWest’s Card Services.


Most recently Dharmesh has been involved in the global deployment of edgeConnect, edgeIPK’s flagship product, for ABN Amro. He is also working closely with Manchester Business School on End User Development and is a key company spokesman on the IT Skills Shortage issue being addressed by the UK Government.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Derek Wright Says:

    Dharmesh I received issue 6 of the Edge this morning. Allianz are our parent company so pleased you are doing business with them. It is also Divali – my good wishes to you. I love synchronisty when several things happen at the same time.

    Also on thought leadership, this reminded me it has been a long time since we met at TiE. I still run our Entrepreneurs forums for successful business owners to interact with like-minded people and would again like to add you to the invite list. We encourge CEOs to stretch their thinking at the events and we also support a self learning leadership group – Global Leaders Academy you may like to look at.

    Hope this finds you well. If you can spare 30 mnutes I shall gladly come and see you to catch up. Best wishes Derek Wright 07774 196031

  2. Dharmesh Mistry Says:

    Thanks Derek, will give you a call

  3. Gaurav Taneja Says:

    Edge Connect is truly a unique platform when it comes to flexibility, easy of use and leveraging of SOA principles to develop solutions for financial institutions and other sectors.

    Apart from having a great presentation engine that is powerful, extensible and caters to various business needs; Edge Connect also offers a full array of connectors that hook up to various data sources and bring the true power of SOA.

    What’s great about the product is the fact that a user with minimal app development knowledge can rapidly prototype a solution and see the results using different presentation engines with navigation/validation rules in action. All without any deployment to any app server!

    After having worked and seen different solutions offered by other Co’s in the silicon valley bay area i can say that Edge Connect stands out from the rest.

    Going forward what would really make this platform more desirable would be exploiting new Web 2.0 principles and maybe a cloud computing like offering.

    According to Gartner “organisations are switching from company-owned hardware and software assets to per-use service-based models” and that the “projected shift to cloud computing will result in dramatic growth in IT products in some areas and in significant reductions in other areas”.

    Best of Luck!


  4. dharmeshmistry Says:

    Thanks Gaurav ! Keeping spreading the word, we have started our USA campaign and will be announcing USA references in the New Year.

    The “cloud” is an interesting opportunity and is something we are looking at, but at the moment it seems that Model Driven Architecture (or as Microsoft calls it, Model Driven Applications) is gaining some stealth momentum…..keep your eye on this space too ;o)

  5. Mark Fillmore Says:

    Hi Dharmesh:

    Someone in my office had emailed me your site so I just checked it out. I know this is my first time corresponding with you, but I wanted to let you know that I learned a lot from reading the stuff on your website.

    Regarding my office, I work for a company called Actuate http://www.actuate.com. We offer business management software to help businesses stay organized effectively. Since the topics of both our sites go hand-in-hand, I was wondering if you would be interested in forming a partnership of sorts.

    My staff of writers are good at writing about business and technology-related topics so we would be glad to write an article for you. This could come in handy particularly if you have some things in mind but haven’t had time to do the writing or research. If you have any other ideas for how we could assist you feel free to let me know.


    Mark Fillmore

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